Redefining soil management

Increase crop yields and reduce costs

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Soil management specialists

Soil First Farming is a specialist agricultural company that works with you to increase your crop yields and reduce your costs. Offering practical advice and supply of specifically formulated liquid crop nutrient products that will assist in improving the three main factors of soil management on your farm.

Conservation Agriculture in action

With over 35 years experience we have the expertise to help you achieve the results you require. Soil First Farming offers you ‘hands on soil approach’ to advice and services, with a specific interest in No-Till farming based on the principles of Conservation Agriculture.

Bring your soil back to life


Soil Life, the organisms that live in the soil, an invaluable resource that naturally decomposes organic matter, increasing soils’ fertility and of course plant growth.


How to cultivate the soil – or NOT! No-Till, nature’s way of farming.


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